Products Overview
  • Capillary is a tool to be used for wire bonding. This is ultra fine processing product that precisely guides the gold wire to the location of bonding and delivers ultrasonic wave to the bonding surface, so that gold wire can be connected to the chip hard, when bonding work is carried out with gold wire using electric feature between the semiconductor chip and lead frame lead in the semiconductor PKG process.

  • Classification of products: It is classified according to tip size in general.

        - STD (standard capillary, tip size: 234um or more)
        - BTN (bottle neck capillary, tip size: 120um~234um)
        - Fine Pitch (tip size: 60um~120um)
        - Ultra Fine Pitch (tip size: 60um or less)

Product features
  • Heat resistance enduring 4000V spark and 230”ĘC die heat, abrasion resistance with possible repeated blanking of 1.2 million times and delicate precision that responds to ultra fine pitch are required.

  • Material technologies, such as powder molding, heat processing and plastic technology, and ultra fine processing technology are required.

  • We have succeeded in developing new high density ceramic materials containing zirconia and CNT type grinding technology, and obtained patent (development of fine pitch capillary responding to ultra fine pitch).
  • Raw material combination technology: Arrangement mixing technology by raw material particles

  • Ceramic injection molding (CIM) type of capillary bank manufacturing technology

  • Capillary processing facility manufacturing technology
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